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Tamiya Acrylic Paint Jars 10ml - Choose All Colours

Tamiya Acrylic Paint Jars 10ml – Choose All Colours


  • Tamiya brand model paint jars – SELECT COLOURS FROM DROP DOWN MENU
  • If you have a Tamiya Model kit you will find the X and XF colours in the instructions which relate to the numbers in the dropbox menu.
  • If you can’t find all the colours you need in the list, search same colour names in Mr Hobby solvent paints here on our website, no probs. Tamiya aren’t the bst at being able to supply all the colours in their range unlike Mr Hobby.
  • Suitable for all model kits we sell but codes relate to Tamiya kits – Fujimi/Aoshima kits use Mr Hobby paint codes.
  • Use this paint for brushing and can be thinned for airbrush spraying, mix 50/50 ratio [Tamiya thinners sold separately]
  • No extra shipping cost if you add to a kit order
  • Remember your brushes, tools and spray cans for body painting OR an airbrush starter kit
  • In stock, quality and service – absolute gaurantee
  • Cant find the paint you want? See our MR HOBBY larger range of  paints & accessories

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Choose Colour Paint Jar

X-1 Black, X-2 White, X-3 Royal Blue, X-7 Red, X-13 Metallic Blue, X-16 Purple, X-17 Pink, X-19 Smoke, X-20A Thinner, X-21 Flat Base, X-22 Clear, X-24 Clear Yellow, X-25 Clear Green, X-26 Clear Orange, X-27 Clear Red, X-28 Park Green, X-31 Titan Gold, X-32 Titan Silver, X-33 Bronze, X-34 Metal Brown, X-35 Semi-Gloss Clear, XF-4 Yellow Green, XF-5 Flat Green, XF-9 Hull Red, XF-11 J.N. Green, XF-12 J.N. Grey, XF-13 J.A. Green, XF-14 J.A. Grey, XF-15 Flat Flesh, XF-16 Flat Aluminium, XF-17 Sea Blue, XF-18 Medium Blue, XF-19 Sky Grey, XF-20 Medium Grey, XF-21 Sky, XF-22 RLM Grey, XF-23 Light Blue, XF-25 Light Sea Grey, XF-27 Black Green, XF-28 Dark Copper, XF-49 Khaki, XF-52 Flat Earth, XF-53 Neutral Grey, XF-54 Dark Sea Grey, XF-62 Olive Drab, XF-63 German Grey, XF-64 Red Brown, XF-65 Field Grey, XF-66 Light Grey, XF-67 Nato Green, XF-69 Nato Black, XF-71 Cockpit Green, XF-72 Brown, XF-74 OD, XF–76 Grey-Green, XF-77 IJN Grey Sasebo, XF-78 Wooden Deck Tan, XF-79 Lino Deck Brown, XF-81 RAF Dark Green 2, XF-82 RAF Ocean Grey 2, XF-83 RAF Medium Sea Grey 2, XF-84 Dark Iron, XF-85 Rubber Black, XF-86 Flat Clear, XF-87 IJN Grey, XF-88 Dark Yellow 2, XF-89 Dark Green 2, XF-90 Red Brown 2, XF-91 IGN Grey YA, X-12 Gold Leaf, XF-1 Flat Black, XF-50 Field Blue, XF-58 Olive Green, XF-59 Desert Yellow, XF-60 Dark Yellow, XF-61 Dark Green, XF-2 Flat White, XF-3 Flat Yellow, XF-7 Flat Red, XF-13 J.A. Green, XF-55 Deck Tan, XF-56 Metallic, XF-6 Copper, XF-70 Dark Green 2, X-18 Semi Gloss Black, X-23 Clear Blue, XF-8 Flat Blue, XF-57 Buff, XF-80 Sea Grey, XF-75 IJN Grey Kure, X-5 Green, X-11 Chrome Silver, XF-56 Metallic Grey, X-10 Gunmetal Grey