Mr Hobby AQUEOUS Range Paint Pots 10ml – Choose Colours


  • Mr Hobby AQUEOUS Acrylic Paint Range – 10ml jars – Choose colours in dropdown box / refer to colour chart
  • Water based = smells less and better finish when brushing over traditional laquer paint
  • Recommended paints of Fujimi and Aoshima
  • Widely regarded as the best modelling paint to use
  • Can be used with a brush as-is or thinned for airbrushes 50/50 ratio
  • Superb quality, absolute guarantee.
  • In stock and no extra shipping fee when bought with a kit
  • Other Mr Hobby products available, check our site to help your build
  • Use Mr Thinners to thin this product if required
  • Description : Is a water based acrylic paint and one of the world’s best selling hobby paints. With its high pigment count it can be thinned by up to 70% and still give excellent coverage and opacity characteristics. It can be thinned with Mr Color, Mr Color self-levelling and aqueous thinner. It works beautifully in an airbrush, it doesn’t dry out in the nozzle and cleans up very easily making it ideal for all skill levels.
Mr Hobby AQUEOUS Range Paint Pots 10ml - Choose Colours £2.75


The difference between Mr Aqueous and Mr Color paints:
Aqueous = water based acrylic paint – this means its less smelly and much easier to use when it comes to brush painting. It is by far the best paint to use for general model making and most certainly for those who generally brush colours on. When used with an airbrush the fumes from aqueous are much less. You’ll get great looking results and ease of use when using a brush.
Mr Color = Sovent Acrylic Paint – this means it is more tricky to use with a brush and is much better in an airbrush compared to Aqueous if you are looking for a hard and more resilient surface. You’ll find that Mr Color isnt as nice to use with a brush in terms of brush marks and has a more sticky paint feel to it in use however the trade off is that you will get a much hard finish than Aqueous. Of course, you can experiment with using thinners etc to help this process. Mr Color is similar to that of Tamiya for example when we talk of ‘ stick paint feel ‘ as both are solvent laquer based however that is where the similarities end. Mr Color is widely regarded as the best model paint in the world.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Choose Paint Colour Jar

White H001, Black H002, Red H003, Yellow H004, Blue H005, Green H006, Brown H007, Silver H008, Gold H009, Copper H010, Flat White H011, Flat Black H012, Flat Red H013, Orange H014, Bright Blue H015, Yellow Green H016, Cocoa Brown H017, Steel H018, Pink H019, Flat Clear H020, Off White H021, Gray H022, Shine Red H023, Orange Yellow H024, Sky Blue H025, Bright Green H026, Tan H027, Metal Black H028, Salmon Pink H029, Clear H030, White Green H031, Field Grey H032, Russet H033, Cream Yellow H034, Cobalt Blue H035, Dark Green H036, Wood Brown H037, Steel Red H038, Purple H039, Flat Base H040, Pale Green H041, Blue Gray H042, Wine Red H043, Flesh H044, Light Blue H045, Emerald Green H046, Red Brown H047, Field Grey2 H048, Violet H049, Lime Green H050, Light Gull Grey H051, Oilve Drab H052, Neutral Grey H053, Navy Blue H054, Midnight Blue H055, Intermediate Blue H056, Aircraft Grey H057, Interior Green H058, IJN Gren H059, IJA Green H060, IJN Grey H061, IJA Grey H062, Metallic Blue Green H063, Dark Green H064, Black Green H065, Sandy Brown H066, Light Blue RLM65 H067, Dark Grey RLM74 H068, Grey RLM75 H069, Dark Grey RLM02 H070, Middle Stone H071, Dark Earth H072, Dark Green H073, Sky(Duck Egg Green) H074, Dark Seagrey H075, Burnt Iron H076, Tire Black H077, Oilve Drab2 H078, Sandy Yellow[Dark Yellow} H079, Khaki Green H080, Khaki H081, Dark Gray H082, Dark Gray2 H083, Mahogany H084, Sail Colour H085, Red Madder H086, Metallic Red H087, Metallic Blue H088, Metallic Green H089, Clear Red H090, Clear Yellow H091, Clear Orange H092, Clear Blue H093, Clear Green H094, Smoke Gray H095, Smoke Blue H096, H101 Premium Clear Gloss, H102 Premium Clear Semi-Gloss, H103 Premium Clear Flat, Gray FS36081 H301, Green FS34092 H302, Green FS34102 H303, Oliver Drab FS34087 H304, Gray FS36118 H305, Gray FS36270 H306, Gray FS36320 H307, Gray FS36375 H308, Green FS34079 H309, Brown FS30219 H310, Gray FS36622 H311, Green FS34227 H312, Yellow FS33531 H313, Blue FS35622 H314, Gray FS16440 H315, White FS17578 H316, H-317 Gray FS 36231, Radome H318, Light Green H319, Dark Green H320, Light Brown H321, Phthalo Cyanine Blue H322, Light Blue H323, Light Gray H324, Gray FS 26440 H325, Blue FS15044 H326, Red FS11136 H327, Blue FPS15050 H328, Yellow H329, Dark Green BS381C/641 H330, Dark SeaGrey H331, Light Aircraft Gray BS381C/627 H332, Extra Dark Seagray BS381C/640 H333, Barley Gray BS4800/18821 H334, Medium SeaGray BS381C/637 H335, Hemp BS4800/10B21 H336, Grayish Blue FS35237 H337, Light Gray FS36495 H338, Engine Gray FS16081 H339, Field Green FS34097 H340, Mud H341, Oil H342, Soot H343, Rough Grey H345, Rough Sand H346, Dark Gray H401, Green Brown H402, Dark Yellow H403, Khaki Brown H404, Olive Green H405, Chocolate Brown H406, RLM04 Yellow H413, Red RLM23 H414, RLM66 Black Grey H416, Light Blue RLM76 H417, LIGHT BLUE RLM78 H418, Olive Green RLM80 H420, Brown Violet RLM81 H421, Light Green RLM82 H422, Dark Green RLM83 H423