Kent Models Gift Voucher £10 / £25


Kent Models Gift Voucher

Not sure what model to buy as a present – Dont worry we have you covered!

Just select the voucher value and quantities you wish to buy and we’ll ship the unique and awesome vouchers to you ready as an awesome gift to someone special.

Important terms of voucher redeeming – please read.

  • Can be used on all products and shipping fees, including promotions
  • Only for use on our website
  • We will post the physical voucher[s] to you by Royal Mail second class post
  • Vouchers can only be used once, in one order either in full or part
  • Vouchers come in £10 or £25 variants and each have a unique code
  • When you buy this voucher, if it is for someone else YOU MUST specify their name in the comments box at checkout so we can confirm the voucher when used by them. If you do not list a name, we will automatically permit its use to whomever redeems it.
  • It is the responsibility of the orginal purchaser to keep the voucher safe and only for the use of the intended recipient.
  • Vouchers are one-time use and include code[s] specific to your voucher order
  • No refunds can be given nor amounts retained for another future order for unused balance
  • Valid for 1 year [ 12 consecutive months ] from the day of purchase
  • After 1 year the voucher will become void, no refund will be made
  • No refunds by the purchaser or gift recipient in part or full
  • Vouchers lost in the post between us and the purchaser will be cancelled and replacements sent providing the vouchers have not already been claimed
  • Vouchers may not be exchanged for cash or anything else other than products on our website
  • Once claimed we are unable accept any questions or queries about its use by the recipient nor willing to entertain any dispute as to use by the original purchaser in the event of gift giving and such circumstances
  • Vouchers are use legitimate use, if we suspect fraud or foul play in use of a voucher we reserve the right to cancel it at our discretion without refund.


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£6 Shipping Cover, £12 Shipping Cover, £10 Gift Voucher, £25 Gift Voucher, Michael Bates – £5