Crows Ryushin Kunou & Night Train PVC Model

Crows Ryushin Kunou & Night Train PVC Model

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  • Nine ability three brothers of the third son [nine ability RyuShin].
  • He became a fellow of the trust and the fourth generation Armed Front head from its ability is, came home PVC figure!
  • Figure across the American bike, exactly Pomp and Circumstance.
  • Amazing cool in a reticent guy is, build a new era of figure & Motorcycles Plastic!
  • 1:12 Scale PVC collaboration products of the figure and the bike plastic model.
  • Leather Jean texture and wallet, chains, etc., details representation of attention.
  • Bike seat that is tailored to the hip of the figure is included.
  • The bike is supplied unpainted and unbuilt.

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