Complete-Novice Starter Assembly Bundle – Choose a Kit & Buy This to Make It *Recommended Saving*


The complete-novice starter assembly bundle – The basics to get started and build a kit

We’ve put together a bundle of must-have basics for you to build any of our kits for the first time. We receive many enquiries asking what else you need to make a kit so we’ve finally put together this fab little money saving bundle for you, done.

If you have decided on your kit just select this product and you’ll receive the following items discounted as a bundle to get you going and take away any doubts about what you need.

Bundle contains

  • 1x Glue / Cement jar [ enough to build 10 kits or more ]
  • 1x Cutting Mat – self healing A5 size mat to avoid damaging your table
  • 1x Modelling Tweezers – with a fine head specific for modelling
  • 1x Pair of Nippers – for carefully trimming out your model parts from the sprue
  • 1x Pack of 3 Hyper Brushes – 3 sizes, perfect combo of sizes
  • 1x Modelling Knife with replaceable blade, for fine trimming and detailing your build parts

If bought individually these items cost £36.86. Bundle Price £29.99.

Check the photos to see these items listed.

Note for first timers : Your model kit contains only the model itself. It will also require painting so we would recommend choosing a spray can colour for the main body and a couple of colours to brush on small details, maybe black/silver etc. If you would like to build your kit exactly as shown in the photo of your kit, please refer to the colours listed in the kit description on our product page or on the side of your box later on. If you need any help or advice, we are here to help you on email or in office hours by phone, Thanks! Please also see the starter video on our main page for more tips.


Complete-Novice Starter Assembly Bundle - Choose a Kit & Buy This to Make It *Recommended Saving* £29.99

Additional information

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